Meet the team

Meet the Team

Our small team is made up of Tourism enthusiasts. They have been Travel Experts for years and have prepared hundreds of Itineraries and organized an equal number of Tours.Each member of our Staff has explored every piece of their sales region making them real experts in that country.

They know where the best places are to stay, eat and explore. They know how to get off the beaten track and also how to see crowded tourist destinations in their quietest moments. Our expert's guide will help you understand the dynamics of the tour and help you enjoy every aspect at every moment of the tour.

Our Travel Experts have earned accolades from our clients regularly, and this helps us getting the repeat business. Meet our travel experts and learn more about them.

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Nazim Khan
Manish Jadon
Kopal Singhal
Vishal Jain
Simona Girelli
Manish Dutt Sharma

Why Travel With MND?

100% Tailor made

Every Detail of the tour is planned as your needs.

Visit and Experience organized to meet your pace.

Visit and Experience organized to meet your pace.

Plan the itinerary that best suits your need with our specialists.

Best of Hotels

We work with all major Hotel chains.

Inventory of lesser known Amazing boutique Hotels

Our Expert will help you select your perfect Hotel

Home Stays, Boutique Hotels, Resorts, Tents and Villas

The Best of Guides

Expert Guides, who are the best at what they do

Tried and tested for many many years

A guide could be a differnce in making your trip memorable

Explain the culture, not just the mugged up history

Believe in Excellency

We at MND believe in deliverying the best of Everyting.

Our Experts have extensive knowledge of the destinations.

The Expert who handles your tour remains always in touch

We give emphasis on the minutest of the details.