Tailor Made Trips
Trips to suit your Taste & Style

Travel on a Journey Made Just For You

Tailor Made Travel means Choosing what you Want, How You want and when you want. Its about travelling and Enjoying at your own Rhythm and with your own people without a single care in the world. Its about having an Itinerary Just for yourself duly prepared by Our Staff. It Gives you the ultimate freedom and gives the command if your tour in you hand, be it stopping for a photo in the middle of the desert along the road or choosing a restaurant of your own for your dinner. We are there to make your all desires come true.

An Inspiring Travel For Lifetime

Our Tailor-Made Travel allows you to experience MND’s hallmark blend of insider access, Curated Itineraries, Superior Experiences, in all a Perfect Journey created Just for you and your family. From Start to finish, MND Makes sure that you have a seamless and Unforgettable Experience, Every Detail taken care of, every hiccup Anticipated. Experience Authentic Local attractions like never before. With MND you can be assured of lifetime Experience Throughout your Tour, From Beginning till end, Our specialist shall be in touch with you all the time providing Honest, knowledgeable information to You. We have a team of Multilingual Experts who are always ready to help you so that you never feel insecure. We always remain in touch with our clients and keep checking with them everynow and then.

Experts At Your Service.

Our consultants, who are themselves such hardcore Travellers and posses a vast knowledge of the Sectors, are there to work with you to plan a Perfect Travel Itinerary for you that you would cherish for your Lifetime. Our expert’s guidance will help you undestand the dynamics of the tour and will help you Enjoy every moment of the Tour. Their suggestions would be really handy and will help you be present at the right time everywhere so that you don’t miss the perfect time to visit particular attraction. Their Guidance will help you adapt fast to the new location so that you feel at ease immidiately after arriving. What's more, when the opportunity arrives to book your next excursion, we're prepared to give precisely the same individual, one-on-one assistance.

Creating the Perfect Journey, Just for You

When it comes to planning a journey that is just right for you, there is no substitute for working alongside an expert — and MND has the best, See for yourself how easy it is to create the journey of your dreams with MND.

Why Trust MND for your Tailormade Tour.

An Unmatched Service Base

MND has a huge network of agents, guide and have hotel connections with all the major Hospitality chains, we have duly selected our Guides throughout the subcontinent. When it comes to sightseeing, you'll enjoy each of the must see attractions and you will have chance to witness special behind-the-scenes experiences, We believe in not only showing what everybody offers, but also what others don't bother to show.

Chosen Experts At Your Service

MND Provides you the possibility of choosing an Accompanying Trip Leader or Services of Local guides who will be joining you in every city to explain the monuments and attractions. Our trained Trip Experts not only explain the monuments but will also explain you the local culture, customs and become a bridge between you and the locals so that you not only visit the place but also understand it.

A Journey only Made for You

We undertsand the need of every Traveller. Our staff Indulge with the clients to undesrtand their style and Taste. Every trip is Unique and important to Travellers and we understand this to the core that’s why We prefer to take even the minutest of details from the clients to plan and book the itinerary and services that suits the cleints. Our customer satisfaction rating stands tastimony for that.

Travel The Way you Want

How Your travel and what means you take plays an Important role in making your tour a comfortable and memorable one. MND Provides you an opprtunity to book the most comfortable and luxurious vehicles for your tour. We have a huge fleet of luxury cars and coaches. Be it a Couple trip or a a family one we provide you the solution for most amazing vehilcle with safe and experienced chaeuffer.

Hand Picked Accomodation

We have ties with the most Incredible properties. We have given a great emphasis while selecting our hotel properties so that our clients gets the best. We have selcted our properties based upon their services, guest feedback, their locations and overall customer satisfaction. Please do give a heed to our experts suggestion while selcting a hotel for your Trip. That might be the difference between a normal and incredible tour.

24X7 Customer Service

We have a team of Experts who, available 24x7 you so that you never feel insecure. We always remain in touch with our clients and keep checking with them everynow and then. Our Local Support team also always meet the client in every city and take feedback from them. We provide a 24x 7 emergency reachable number to our clients so they are never away from help.

Tailor Made Journey Essentials

  • Specially Designed Tour Itinerary.
  • Guide in English or any Other Language.
  • Welcome and assist and with Private Transfers.
  • Entrances and Ticket Always Ready.
  • Hand Picked Hotels
  • Choice of Hotels, Heritage Homes, Homestays and Tents
  • Experienced and Awared Tour Managers
  • Flexibility in the Itinerary to Include special Interest.
  • Possibility of celebrating Special Events during tour
  • Availability of Dedicated Tour Planner throuout the Tour.

MND's luxurious Tailor Made Journeys

Why Travel With MND?

100% Tailor made

Every Detail of the tour is planned as your needs.

Visit and Experience organized to meet your pace.

Visit and Experience organized to meet your pace.

Plan the itinerary that best suits your need with our specialists.

Best of Hotels

We work with all major Hotel chains.

Inventory of lesser known Amazing boutique Hotels

Our Expert will help you select your perfect Hotel

Home Stays, Boutique Hotels, Resorts, Tents and Villas

The Best of Guides

Expert Guides, who are the best at what they do

Tried and tested for many many years

A guide could be a differnce in making your trip memorable

Explain the culture, not just the mugged up history

Believe in Excellency

We at MND believe in deliverying the best of Everyting.

Our Experts have extensive knowledge of the destinations.

The Expert who handles your tour remains always in touch

We give emphasis on the minutest of the details.