Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism recognizes the lasting impacts tourism can have on economies, ecosystems, and ancient cultures. At MND JOURNEYS, we understand that touring these regions requires responsible handling to minimize negative effects and maximize positive outcomes. We prioritize minimizing our footprint and enhancing local communities' well-being on all our tours.

What is Responsible Tourism :

MND JOURNEYS is dedicated to ensuring your holidays contribute positively to the environment, society, and economy of the destinations we visit. We actively support schools, wildlife conservation, and village development initiatives. Additionally, we prefer eco-friendly accommodations and promote sustainable adventure activities. By engaging in responsible tourism practices, we aim to leave a lasting positive impact on the places we explore, benefiting both local communities and the natural environment..

Responsible Travel is a journey – not a destination

Carbon Offsetting Doanation

MND JOURNEYS offers you the option to pay a carbon offset donation every time you book a tour with us that includes flights. Through these donations, we contribute to various Solar Water Heating project, which provides in-house hot water supplies fuelled by renewable energy to homes, community buildings and small to medium-sized businesses throughout India. You can make a carbon offset donation as part of the booking process. If you have already booked, please contact us to make a contribution.

Reduction In Single Use Plastic

Plastic is the worst enemy to Mother Nature, To reduce our consumption of single-use plastic on tours, we use reusable water bottles with an innovative built-in filtering system, to offer you a reduction on their line of products. Our aim is to protect our planet by offering a responsible alternative to single-use plastic water bottles, which at the same time will provide you with safe, clean water. We hope you will join us in our efforts to reduce the effects on the environment.

Community partnership

We ensure that the villages are in full partnership with us in the business and participate in all matters relating to them and their living Ways. We have already enabled the formation of responsible tourism committees in each village: we will continue to support the committees by attending meetings, and acting in an advisory capacity. We will arrange for further training for committee members in tourism business skills and environmental awareness as well as practical training including health and safety, catering and guiding, as required.

Using and developing local skills

We will continue to encourage and develop the use of local skills, we use skilled educated local people to organize activties in different tours. In Many of our tours We try to use the local ecofrindly guest houses which uses locally crafted goods and local manpower. MND JOURNEYS also leads in educating craftsman and teach them how could they monetize their skills. We will promote the development of villagers' craft skills, providing training where necessary and guidance in selling craft products.

Tiger Conservation

The Indian sub-continent harbours some of the world’s most extraordinary wild landscapes, from the snow bound mountains of the High Himalayas, to the wet mangrove swamps of the Sundabans, from the teak tiger forests of Madhya Pradesh to the elephant jungles of the Western Ghats and the desert sea shores of Gujarat. We want our clients to Enjoy it all – and use your travels to help us conserve it all. In a bid to do its part MND Journeys gives donations and particpate in events that promote Awareness about Tiger conservation and animal welfare.

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Visit and Experience organized to meet your pace.

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